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Hidden Gems - The Making of Kundan Jewellery

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Welcome to my first blog post.

This blog is dedicated to my two passions in life - Museum’s & Jewellery. I will be using this space to inspire you with the latest fashion trends in Jewellery and accessories.

I hope these posts help you select the finest looks for your final outfit for that wedding or celebration you have been waiting for!

This blog also aims to share with you the jewels and gems that can be found in Museum collections all over the world. With a background in working in museums and having spent many years surrounded by beautiful pieces of art & design - I would say I have developed quite an eye for spotting stunning pieces. I aim to take you on a journey to learn and share the collections of South Asian jewellery, bags and shoes, hidden amongst museum collections.

For my first post, I would like to share with you two videos produced by the V&A Museum. These videos show the skilled craftmanship needed to make a single pair of kundan earring.

What I find so fascinating about this is that the Kundan designs that we all love to wear today are techniques that were developed by Mughal goldsmiths in the late 16th century. Ornaments and luxury artefacts were set with 24 carat gold with precious stones...not for the faint- hearted. This technique involves adding enamel to the back of the earrings, giving each piece intricate detail, a process that still happens today.

Enjoy watching these videos

Aki Deo



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